An eyewitness sketched this from her memory

Why the Ropen is a Modern Pterosaur

Late in 2014, the ropen page of Wikipedia was deleted by a few critics of the American cryptozoologists who searched for this cryptid in expeditions in Papua New Guinea, over many years of searching. Two television adventure shows (semi-documentary) were broadcast by two different production teams, yet that was not enough to prevent the skeptics from eliminating that page on Wikipedia. We have a better way than censorship, a better way to promote the truth.

Of course the issue of credibility may have some merit, but both sides of a controversy need to be addressed, especially in this case, in which different kinds of credibility are involved.

If Wikipedia does not even have a page on the ropen, why even consider the possibility that this reported animal is a modern pterosaur? It’s the similar descriptions given by eyewitnesses from around the world, common persons who have seen an uncommon flying creature.

Yet the public needs to be aware of a simplistic form of credibility that appears on the surface to make modern pterosaurs impossible. Beware of relying too much on a narrow but deeply entrenched cultural assumption, ingrained through generations of indoctrination. It’s the idea that all species of dinosaurs and pterosaurs must have become extinct, in all of their species, by many millions of years ago. That has been drilled into the thinking of children and adults, for generations, in Western countries like the United States.

So what other kind of credibility is there, regarding the possibility that the ropen is a modern pterosaur? Eyewitnesses from around the world report a large featherless flying creature with a long tail. These reports of long tails outnumber reports of a lack of a long tail by 20-to-1 ratio: 41% to 2%, according to analysis of data compiled at the end of 2012. Those sightings come from eyewitnesses of various cultures, from countries like the following:

  • Namibia (Africa)
  • Sudan (Africa)
  • Spain
  • Lithuania
  • Cuba
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Papua New Guinea

How does this relate to the credibility issue of the ropen being a real non-extinct long-tailed pterosaur? If only Westerners, such as Americans, were telling cryptozoologists about encounters with pterosaurs, and those persons were mostly hoaxers, they would report alleged flying creatures with short tails (or without mentioning any observed tails), for that is the type of pterosaur so often depicted in film and television. But the ration is 20-to-1 in favor of long-tailed “pterodactyls,” which eliminates the possibility that many of the reports are hoaxes.

Now consider the following sketch, drawn by the eyewitness Eskin Kuhn. He was a U.S. Marine, stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 1971.

two "pterodactyl" ropens seen in Cuba in 1971

Sketch by the eyewitness Eskin C. Kuhn

This kind of credibility—from looking at one of the sketches drawn by one of the eyewitnesses—tells us to review our long-held beliefs in universal extinctions of all species of dinosaurs and pterosaurs.




Bioluminescent Ropen

The water-birds resting/sleeping on shore suddenly stirred and made a ruckus, disturbed by whatever was out over the water. . . . As we both looked out at the water, we saw something dark moving over the water, for a second or two only, and then in it’s flight path it started a flashing greeny-blue light, as whatever it was continued to fly just above the water of the dam.

Ropen Eyewitness Credibility

Do pterosaurs still live? In the 21st Century? Don’t  rush to any conclusion; get the facts, then judge  credibility.

Modern Pterosaurs in Griffith Park

In a period of ten weeks, two eyewitnesses saw a total of four flying creatures: three “dragons” and one “pterosaur.” The three were gliding together early in the morning of March 3, 2013, over the I-5 freeway near Griffith Park. The “pterosaur” was seen gliding over that same freeway on May 13, 2013, just a mile and a half to the south.

Ropen Pterosaur Still Living

Since the early 1990’s, there have been at least seven significant expeditions to Papua New Guinea to search for “ropens” and those who’ve seen them.

Definition of the Ropen

According to the book Searching for Ropens and Finding God,  “A modern pterosaur with Rhamphorhynchoid characteristics”  is the definition of “ropen,” . . .

Ropens or “Flying Dinosaurs”

Do you believe in the possibility that long-tailed featherless flying creatures, much larger than any fruit bat, live in the jungles of Papua New Guinea? Your belief depends a great deal on where you lived your childhood: in a village like Gomlongon on Umboi Island or in a western country like the United States.

Pterodactyl or Ropen in Papua New Guinea

. . . he [Jonathan Whitcomb] concluded that the ropen of Umboi is protecting its territory from  smaller ones of its species that live on surrounding islands.

Pterodactyl in Lakewood, California

For Lakewood residents, don’t leave your Chihuahua overnight in the backyard, at least not if your backyard is bordered by a storm channel.


3D animation of an old man at a chess set

Chess for Beginners

Learning and playing chess can help children mentally, but teenagers and adults can also benefit. So what about beginners who want to improve their chess skills?

Importance Principles for Early Beginners in Chess

  • Learn how to make a checkmate
  • Learn to avoid getting checkmated
  • Learn the values of pieces and don’t throw away material
  • Learn to see when your opponent blunders away material

The above four simple principles, when applied consistently, may allow an early beginner to soon win a game, provided the opponent is also an early beginner.

Chess Book for Beginners

The following is taken from the nonfiction book Beat That Kid in Chess:

Keep your king safe, especially in the early and middle of a game. After most of the pieces have been captured (and no queens are left), it may be important to use the king as a fighting force, but not when it can become in danger, especially not in the opening and middle game. Castle early in the game, to get your king closer to a safe corner. . . .

Take the lessons in this book seriously and your ability to play chess may advance further than if you had struggled through losing twenty games. It might not take the place of seriously struggling through eighty games, however, for over-the-board experience teaches in its own way. Yet you might soon see that kid struggle in competing with you, as you apply these lessons and teach that kid humility. It’s about time he learned that.


3D animation of an old man at a chess setFrom Geri’s Game by Pixar




Chess for Children

Studies have shown that playing chess can benefit children in a number of ways, and not just in potentially improving self confidence and self esteem. Playing chess can help kids improve concentration.

Chess in the Movies

A young boy sees men playing chess in a city park and is  fascinated by the game. . . . his father soon learns  that his boy has a natural skill with combinations. [the film “Searching for Bobby Fischer”]


Star Wars Book for Children

Many children enjoy this best selling picture book: Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, popular on Amazon for two years now. Of course the child who already has in interest in the Star Wars movies will probably be most interested in this science fiction book.

From the table of contents:

Who planned the Rebel assault on the first Death Star? Which surly alien lost an arm in a Mos Eisley cantina? The Star Wars galaxy is full of heroes, villains, aliens, creatures, and droids. All have played their part . . .

More than two hundred are included in this book, with only a few mentioned here:

  • Admiral Ozzel
  • Admiral Piett
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Bantha
  • Battle Droid
  • Bultar Swan
  • C-3PO
  • Captain Antilles
  • Captain Typho
  • Chewbacca
  • Colo Claw Fish
  • Commander Bacara
  • Count Dooku
  • Crab Droid
  • Darth Maul
  • Darth Vader
  • Dwarf Spider Droid
  • General Grievous
  • General Veers
  • Han Solo
  • Imperial Droids
  • Imperial Red Guards
  • Jabba the Hutt
  • Jar Jar Binks
  • Jawa
  • Lando Calrissian
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Mace Windu
  • Naboo Guard
  • Nexu
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Palpatine
  • Pit Droid
  • Princess Leia
  • Queen Apailana
  • Qui-Gon Jinn
  • R2-D2
  • Rancor
  • Rebel Trooper
  • San Hill
  • Sandtrooper
  • Scout Trooper
  • Shmi Skywalker
  • Shock Trooper
  • Snowtrooper
  • Space slug
  • Yoda

And many more


Two hundred plus characters included in this Star Wars picture book, including heroes, villains, and robots

Star Wars Character Encyclopedia – hardcover book



Child Care in Long Beach

. . .  licensed family daycare home that has given over twenty years of loving secure care for children in Long Beach, California . . .


Options for Child Care Around Lakewood, CA

The following are child care businesses in and around Lakewood, California:


Tutor Time Child Care Learning Centers, 6504 East South Street, Lkwd

Hours: 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. — Programs for children between the ages of 6 weeks – 12 years. Cost not shown online.


Wonderland Preschool, 10440 Artesia Blvd, Bellflower, CA

“We accept ALL subsidy programs including . . .”


Smith Family Daycare, 5737 Canehill Avenue, Lakewood

Total Capacity: 14 Children (home)


Mrs Shirley’s Child Care, 17727 Eric Avenue, Cerritos, 90703

[They might not have their own web page]


Mimis Daycare, 11209 Agnes Street, Cerritos, CA

 [No obvious web site found]


Little People Destined For Greatness Universal Preschool, 5327 Iroquois Avenue, Lkwd 90713

“. . . a Child-Care/Universal Preschool that ventures beyond the traditional child care services while maintaining its ability to deliver high-quality.” [near Candlewood and Palo Verde]


Whitcomb Family Daycare, 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90807

The principle providers have over sixty years of combined experience in child care — highly recommended by parents and referred to by Children’s Home Society of California — between Bixby Knolls (Long Beach) and Lakewood — full-time weekly rate is usually $150. Daily rate normally $35. Free piano lessons and free chess lessons. Call 562-427-6027.




Child Care Options

Let’s begin with costs and look at some typical choices in Long Beach, California, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Child Care in Long Beach, California

Children often enjoy stories for their age group, with giant story-books a favorite in this Long Beach, California child care home. Sometimes an audio recording enhances the drama.

Cost of Child Care

. . . there are two kinds: full-time and part-time. Full-time usually means Monday-Friday and is normally $150-$160 per week, depending on child-age, and hours.


Learning in Home Child Care

Intellectual development in preschool children—that’s a worthy subject. What methods are most effective in stimulating mental growth in small children? Several tools are available in the Whitcomb Family Daycare in Long Beach, California (in the Bixby Highlands neighborhood, which is east of Bixby Knolls).

Reading to Children

Many youngsters enjoy having a grownup read to them, but the books need to be mostly appropriate to the age of the children. For the youngest preschoolers, the toddlers, a book need not contain many words of text. Pictures are important.

In the fold-out book Where’s Spot, by Eric Hill, a typical page has about five words. The fun for little ones is in unfolding the pictures. A two-year old could be enthralled by that book.

Chess Lessons in Child Care

In the Whitcomb Family Daycare, children are given the opportunity to learn to play chess, or improve their abilities with the game. Those chess lessons are free of charge, for kids enrolled in this home child care.

It may seem surprising that a study has shown that one of the benefits of playing chess, for children, is improvement in social skills. How can such an intellectual game advance ones ability to communicate and interact with people? It probably comes from traditional playing of chess, from getting involved with one or more other persons who enjoy the game.

Free Piano Lessons in Long Beach

In the above-mentioned care-home in Southern California, piano lessons are provided free of charge. Learning to play a musical instrument can help a child develop deep-seated mental capacities that only a few other intellectual activities can duplicate.

Of course, the child needs to have the desire to learn music; it cannot be forced from the outside without a distinct possibility of a negative reaction. But when a youngster is willing and prepared to practice, learning to play the piano can be fun indeed.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Another activity can be mentally stimulated: solving jigsaw puzzles. We just need to remember that there are various levels of difficulty and children need the right puzzle to keep interested and not get discouraged.

Dinosaurs and pterosaurs appear when children solve this jigsaw puzzle in Long Beach, California, near western Lakewood

A dinosaur jigsaw puzzle solved by these three kids


Books for Preschoolers

Here a care giver reads [the] book The  Luckiest Leprechaun to a preschooler  in this Long Beach, California, child  care home.

Chess for Children

In a study by the New York City Schools, it was found that “Chess dramatically improves a child’s ability to think rationally . . . increases cognitive skills . . . improves children’s communication skills . . .

Long Beach Child Care

Children in the Whitcomb child care home are given opportunities for social growth as they learn to get along together in play and activities [including chess]. They learn how much they have in common, even with the different cultural backgrounds of these children.

Piano Lessons in Child Care

Kids need useful learning experiences, and that includes more than just physical exercise: intellectual exercise. Learning to play the piano is one of those intellectual exercises.