Marfa Lights Mystery Solved

For over a hundred years, the Marfa Lights of southwest Texas have puzzled residents and visitors with their strange splittings and “devil dances.” A cryptozoologist has now suggested a solution to the mystery: large nocturnal bioluminescent flying predators that hunt as a group, trying to catch small creatures, like the Big Brown Bat, at night.

Marfa Lights Solved

Although most of the [Marfa Lights] have been explained away as simply car headlights, a significant minority of the sightings have been inexplicable. Those low-elevation flying lights [appear] only a few times each year—those are called “CE-III” by the rocket scientist James Bunnell . . . Jonathan Whitcomb, a cryptozoologist in Long Beach, California, compares those lights with the ropen lights and Cheesman lights of Papua New Guinea. Those lights are associated with sightings of large nocturnal flying creatures, unclassified by modern science, that are believed to be bioluminescent.

Marfa, Texas, area where the mystery lights sometimes appear

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