Attack of the Pterodactyl Skeptics

No, this does not refer to a giant flying creature carrying off a human victim. It’s about a cryptozoologist who was attacked by skeptics on a forum discussion: “Jonathan Whitcomb: pterodactyl expert.” Skeptics of the live-pterodactyl idea made Whitcomb the victim.

Most biologists have believed that all species of dinosaurs and pterosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. Of course part of the problem with challenging that concept is that definitions of “dinosaur” and “pterosaur” usually include a word like “extinct.” But some cryptozoologists believe that some species of pterosaurs sill live, for eyewitnesses report seeing them.

Jonathan Whitcomb has written two nonfiction books and a scientific paper about reports of living pterosaurs (AKA “pterodactyls”). But some skeptics on an online cryptozoology forum have become upset at the idea that he is a “pterodactyl expert.”

A Different Kind of Pterodactyl Attack

In the sense of being a paleontologist, I am not a pterosaur expert; but many paleontologists do not seem to even consider the possibility that any pterosaurs are extant. “Ape man” seems to rebel against any idea involving any modern living pterosaur. But in that sense—some living pterosaurs (AKA “pterodactyls”)—I am probably one of the leading “pterodactyl experts” in the world.

Attacks on “Pterodactyl Expert”

I suggest that we all examine the eyewitness reports rather than attack those who interview eyewitnesses.

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