Chiropractic Care in Lakewood

Dr. Zermeno the chiropractor has a new web page for his chiropractic services in Lakewood, California:

Here is a testimonial:

On Monday, June 14, 2010, I walked into the chiropractic office of Dr. Zermeno, after enduring seven days of incapacitating pain in my lower back. After his thorough questioning-examination session he administered carefully prepared tests. Each step had a purpose, I’m sure; I believe that he was ensuring that the “hands-on” standard chiropractic adjustments would be safe for me. After his treatments, I left his office with less pain and more confidence in my recovery. On Thursday, June 17, Dr. Zermeno gave me additional adjustments, all suited to my particular spinal needs. Additional manipulations of my feet were included, for healthy feet contribute to spinal health. He also gave me an exercize routine especially for my kind of condition, with illustrations making it easy to follow what I would be doing. I am now almost completely without pain, working as I did before my lower-back problems had badly afflicted me. I am progressing to a happy full recovery.

Jonathan Whitcomb
Author of Cryptozoology books

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