Long Beach Child Care Covers Online Faces

How difficult it may be to find a trustworthy family home daycare for your child! I just did a Google search with “Long Beach Child Care,” and found some interesting things on the first Google page:

Only one of the ten Google-results had covered photos of children (one of our Whitcomb Family Daycare web pages), meaning photos of children in which faces are obscurred. Three of the ten were directories (nobody would expect any photos on a directory), four were for childcare centers, one was for the City of Long Beach, and one was for a family home daycare that dispayed one or more photos with no covering of the face.

So what’s the problem with showing a child’s face on a web page? What if that photo was of your own child? What if the person now sitting in front of his computer is viewing that photo and the man is a child molester? Of course that particular eventuality is unlikely, but why even make it possible for a child molester to see any child’s face to be seen on a web page? We at Whitcomb Family Daycare, in Long Beach (but close to Lakewood) belief that faces of our children should be covered rather than be displayed for anyone to see. What if a child molester is a stalker? What if one photo is of a child who catches the perverse attention of that molester? Enough said.

I realize there are exceptions. At least some of the web pages found by Google probably display generic photos of children; we have used generic kids photos on occasion. Sometimes photos are of children who were in child care many years ago; we have used such photos on occasion. But some web pages of child care homes appear to have photos that may be of children now cared for in that home; that is a practice that we discourage, even if a parent approves of it.

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