New Non-Fiction Book From Long Beach Resident

Jonathan Whitcomb, of the Bixby Highlands neighborhood of Long Beach, has published the second edition of a non-fiction book that may benefit some teenagers who are troubled with mild malaise. The subject matter, eyewitness sightings of apparent living pterosaurs, may seem like science fiction or fantasy, but the genre is cryptozoology, in the strict non-fictional sense. The author does not recommend his book as any substitute for professional intervention for depression cases, but offers it as one tool for some cases of boredom in teenagers.

Part of the original purpose for writing the book Live Pterosaurs in America was to comfort eyewitnesses who doubted their sanity, because they had seen something that their Western culture teaches us we should not see: a live “pterodactyl.” Indeed, many of the readers of the first edition of the book may be eyewitnesses or may know eyewitnesses of the strange flying creatures, according to the author. After writing the second edition, Whitcomb realized the potential the book has for relieving mild boredom in some teenagers. In fact, one pre-teen in Florida became so excited about the subject, he began his own investigation, interviewing an eyewitness whose sighting is documented in the second edition of the book.

.Cover of the nonfiction book "Live Pterosaurs in America"

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