Welcome to Whitcomb Family Daycare

Gladys and Jonathan Whitcomb welcome questions and comments about child care in general and our family home daycare in particular. In our friendly, gentle home environment, we prepare pre-schoolers for kindergarten. This includes teaching them letters and numbers. Perhaps even more important, we help prepare them emotionally: We direct them towards positive interactions with other children.

Please give Gladys a call at 562-427-6027. We look forward to your visit to our home at 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach, convenient to much of Lakewood, California (just west of Cherry Park).

We are licensed by the city of Long Beach (including a fire dept. clearance) and the state of California: CA license # 191604310

For years, we have been certified for healthy meals by Comprehensive Child Development (C.C.D.), giving nutritious food for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack (and supper for those children staying into the evening).

Outdoor play time is of three types: buggy rides around the neighborhood, buggy rides to the nearby park (Cherry Park, where the children play on play equipment that is suited to the individual and age needs), and backyard mini-playground fun.

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