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Three sisters, 1980's, California

A Clean Home For Child Care

Nobody should expect a family daycare home to be always perfectly clean; after all, kids will be kids. But the carpets and kitchen floor should be vacuumed and cleaned regularly and be ready for when parents drop off their children.
This site is sponsored by Whitcomb Family Daycare: a Long Beach Child Care home near Lakewood

Disease Control or Disease Elimination?

We cannot usually trace which child gave a contagious disease to another child. We
can see that the childcare home is clean enough that disease is not constantly in
the process of being passed around.

Perhaps even more important, the child care home can be made clean enough that disease organisms do not multiply on the surfaces that kids constantly touch.

At Whitcomb Family Daycare, a Long Beach child care home, safety and basic old-
fashioned cleanliness are on the minds of Gladys and Jonathan Whitcomb. They watch out for anything that could be a hazard to small children. For example, the sliding door separating the two child care rooms from the living room--this is set so that it cannot close all the way: Kids will not smash fingers even should one of them try to slam that door. It is altered for the safety of the children.
Flu viruses, in general, cannot live long outside an organic host (human body), maybe a
few hours or a few days. Nevertheless, during that short time a virus can be transmitted
to another victim: someone rubbing their eyes or inhaling air-borne particles. We cannot
control another person's sneeze, but child care providers do well when cleaning surfaces.
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