Child Care for Lakewood & Long Beach, more
Two rooms have been added to the Whitcomb home, one by one over
the years. These two rooms are dedicated especially for children. The toys, books, furniture--all are for children. The bathroom is for kids.
Child's face is obscurred for privacy and/or security.
Professional Care for Kids
Child Care - Which One?
At Whitcomb Family Daycare, children have the opportunity to learn by doing: coloring, free play, stories, and interacting in wholesome activities together.

Parents highly recommend this established family child care:
Child Care Home
Free Piano Lessons for children who are ready
Reading in Child Care
Whitcomb Family Daycare:
4503 Walnut Avenue
Long Beach
562 427-6027
Cost of Child Care
Child Care Fence Benefits
What is the purpose of a fence for
 a family child care? . . . children
 enter and leave child care.
 Perhaps the mother will talk
with the provider for a minute.
[The fence helps make it safe.]
Lakewood area child care
"We have been thoroughly pleased with the level of care, love and affection that you have provided
to both of our children over the
past 10 years. . . . a warm, safe and nurturing environment to our children . . ." (Kristy & Clark)