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The standard way of teaching young children to read includes many things; one is alphabet memorization. After
kindergarten, children are introduced
to many simple words, including those
that end alike: cat, hat, rat. Quickly first-graders notice similarity of sound.
They memorize end-sounds and also
beginning-sounds of words.
When pre-schoolers are shown books that are read to them, they learn to
recognize the images and the stories. They do not, however, often learn a printed word that is surrounded by a
great many other words in a book.

But three-year-olds can learn words,
if the care giver spends time showing the child a few short words that are
meaningful to the child.
The WORDS way of teaching small kids was initiated by the Whitcomb Family Daycare (Long Beach, California) late
in 2009. Care givers help the children
to memorize a few words at a time. It
gives pre-schoolers a fun way to learn
to read, little-by-little. A printed word
is shown next to what it represents.

Children can build a small vocabulary
long before starting kindergarten.
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Dec 30, 2009